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Why kelp needs help

Blue Carbon is something we’re hearing a lot about these days. Referring to the carbon captured by marine and coastal ecosystems, this helps reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. Seagrasses, mangroves, and kelp forests all gather and hold carbon in…

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Sounds of silence

Since the first recorded COVID-19 case in New Zealand in February 2020, the country has fought the virus using numerous methods, including lockdowns. What evolved as a four-tier alert level system has led to extended periods where non-essential travel was…

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Gaia Dell’Ariccia

Return of the tiny, winged taonga

As has been reported in several posts already, in 2019 Auckland Council included The Noises Islands in the regional seabird monitoring and research programme, pledging to a significant 13-years (and counting) commitment. But there are so many seabird species in…

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Ropeable weather and Rhamnus control

On Wednesday the 20th of October, an Auckland Council-funded weeding trip to Ōtata Island was undertaken to control Rhamnus (Evergreen Buckthorn) on the north-facing cliffs. Due to the location of these weeds, it was necessary to send out a ropes…

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The unseen benefits of going with the flow

The Moana Project investigates larval dispersal of kūtai (green-lipped mussel). The Moana Project is a five-year Endeavour Fund ocean research initiative funded by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and its aim is to improve our understanding of…

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