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Keeping a watchful eye on wētāpunga

The wētāpunga (Deinacrida heterancatha) is the largest insect in New Zealand. A nocturnal, tree-dwelling creature of the forest, it is a taonga and a striking representative of New Zealand’s spectacular and often bizarre insect fauna. Once distributed across the upper…

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Documenting another chapter

One of the neat things about The Noises Marine Restoration Project is that we’re rich in observations and science. Marine biologists, ornithologists, archeologists, and more. It’s been over a year since the Government’s Response Strategy to Sea Change Tai Timu…

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Where have all the sponges gone? 

Normally so vibrant – I’m drawn to their brilliant colours and varied forms, beautiful underwater beacons of light. If you look closely, you’ll likely find little marine wonders living amongst them. Four years ago, after two successive storms, the sponges…

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Cataloguing the past 

The archaeological excavations on Ōtata Island in 2020 and 2021 brought back over half a tonne of material to the Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira and additional help was required to sort through the contents. This is where we come…

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It’s the little things that count

Shaun Lee is a designer, illustrator, blogger and photographer who regularly visits The Noises. Passionate about conservation,  Shaun loves to take pictures of the natural world - on land and sea  - with a particular focus on the little things.…

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Show us your mussels

We’ve been watching the mussel/kūtai beds around The Noises for as long as we can remember. For so many years they have been a reliable source of food for our family, countless visitors to the islands and the many generations…

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