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Looking Into the Past

On the main beach of Ōtata Island there is a Māori midden about 50 metres in length. In March 2020 Auckland Museum archaeologists carried out a small excavation on the midden in partnership with the Neureuter family and Ngāi Tai…

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Marine Musings

I spend hours in the water snorkelling, looking at stuff and wondering. Since 11 January the strong southwesterly winds have mostly decreased. The temperatures have been getting steadily warmer and we’ve been treated to beautiful clear water. I don’t think…

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Seabirds and Surprises

We know what Matt Rayner (Auckland Museum), Tim Lovegrove and Todd Landers (Auckland Council) were hoping to achieve when they installed dummy 3D printed spotted shags, complete with an acoustic attraction system on Ōtata a year ago. But, who’d have…

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