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Long-term commitment to seabird surveys

When Auckland Council agreed to support a significant multi-year monitoring programme of seabirds on The Noises, The Noises Trust was delighted, because ecological surveys of this nature are an essential tool for assessing overall ecosystem health. Leading this ambitious study…

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We need to talk about kina

The number of living creatures of all Orders, whose existence intimately depends on the kelp, is wonderful... I can only compare these great aquatic forests of the southern hemisphere with the terrestrial ones in the intertropical regions. Yet if in…

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A tale of three fishers

Once upon a time, for many kiwis, being in a boat on the ocean was all about fishing, fishing and more fishing. Many of us have photo albums of old holiday snaps, where Stubbies-clad dads stand beside sunburnt kids, all…

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Letting the place know you

In one of Patricia Grace’s short stories, a young girl spends the last hours of a summer seaside holiday seeking a deeper communion with the place. “Because how could you be really sure of coming there again next summer?” she…

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Government’s action plan a bold start

Today, the Government released its action plan for the Hauraki Gulf: Revitalising the Gulf: Government Action on the Sea Change Plan. The long-awaited government response to Sea Change was welcomed by The Noises Trust and its project partners Auckland Museum…

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