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Just like nature, we’re evolving! Introducing The Noises Charitable Trust.

Following delivery of The Noises High Protection Area (HPA) proposal to the Government last year, The Noises Marine Restoration Project Team (a collaboration between our [Neureuter] whānau, the Auckland Museum, and the University of Auckland), collectively evaluated how we had been working, and what structural form The Noises kaupapa required into the future.

Our whānau realised that the next step to best enable our ongoing aspirations for The Noises was to establish a Charitable Trust. This was a big decision for our whānau. The Trust provides for others to serve alongside us as Trustees for the purposes of the ecological preservation and restoration of The Noises. Our parents instilled the knowledge that this was our responsibility and that we should get on with it.

But, over the last few years, we’ve had to adjust to making noise about The Noises to bring attention to the degrading marine environment. This has been a life-changing experience for our whānau. The Noises are now held in the hearts and minds of many and we feel that The Noises are deeply supported and valued.

The establishment of The Noises Charitable Trust in March of this year means that “The Noises” now has an entity to partner with others and receive and transact funds of its own. Importantly, it provides a means for ongoing engagement with iwi and mana whenua as well as a broad range of other stakeholders who have an interest in The Noises, including our partners to The Noises Marine Restoration Project.

The Trust Deed outlines an ongoing commitment to ecological preservation, management, research, and education. The continued commitment to the restoration of The Noises and advancing restoration of the marine environment around The Noises and the wider Hauraki Gulf.

I [Zoe], am the inaugural chairperson, and the inaugural Trustees are my brother Rod and sister Sue along with Moana Tamaariki-Pohe, and Belinda Thomas.

Inaugural Trustees from left to right: Zoe Neureuter, Rod Neureuter, Moana Tamaariki-Pohe, Katina Conomos (Advisor), Belinda Thomas, Sue Neureuter, Glenys Wynn (Trust Administrator).

Sue, Rod, and I are honoured to have Moana and Belinda as Trustees. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and diversity to our board.

Belinda Thomas is a consultant, coach, and mentor with previous governance experience. Specialising in leadership and making teams brilliant, she has worked with a range of organisations from Government to start-ups and solopreneurs. She has represented New Zealand in angling competitions internationally and fished all over the world, but her love of fishing runs deeper. Belinda believes that we are all connected through water and our taonga needs our help.

Moana Tamaariki-Pohe MNZM is known to many in Tāmariki Makarau, particularly in relation to Tīkapa Moana. Moana was one of the first manuhiri to join us at The Noises, along with Lucy Tukua and Richelle Kahui-McConnell in 2015, and has supported, guided, and nurtured our journey since then. A proponent of ‘getting your bum wet’, Moana is an active participant in waka ama and local restoration projects around Okahu Bay. Moana is an experienced facilitator, having written her own programs for empowering women in business, delivering these throughout New Zealand. She also has an impressive governance record, having previously been the Deputy Chairperson of the Hauraki Gulf Forum, and a member of the central government ministerial advisory committee on Sea Change Tai Timu Tai Pari.

A long-time friend of our family, Glenys Wynn, who has a background in executive and board support, agreed to be The Trust Administrator. We value her administrative and organisational expertise hugely and probably couldn’t have got the Trust operational without her. A special thank you to Katina Conomos, the project manager of the Noises Marine Restoration Project, who continues to be there for us and provide advice and guidance to our whānau and to the newly formed Trust.

Initial activities of the Trust have included setting our mission and vision statements, strategy and business planning, seeking Rangatira to Rangatira relations with Mana Whenua of The Noises, continuing The Noises communication activities, and advocacy visits to The Noises.

Sue, as project coordinator for the Trust, is currently putting together a forward planning proposal for the Trust to consider. This proposal will help to guide the future activity of The Trust outlining potential research and education options, along with identifying those actions that will require funding.

As the Trust steps forward we will stand by our Vision and Mission statements:

The Noises are a beacon for mauri ora.

Inspiring change from summit to sea floor.

“Ki uta, ki tai”

Thanks also must go to the Auckland Museum, G.I.F.T., and Holland Beckett Law (Tauranga) for supporting the establishment of the Trust.

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